Written by Ariana Dickson

A go-to guide for creating content from your friends at Inside-Out Media during this quarantined period.

  1. Podcasting—Have you considered starting a podcast but haven’t had the time? Now is your moment! Use your days spent at home to put together your podcast strategy and begin recording episodes. Invite friends and guests to join you via online podcasting tools. Before you know it, you’ll have a series of episodes ready to be released.
  2. Start That BlogIf you haven’t already done so, now is a really great time to launch a website. Pick your theme, write those blog posts, and begin sharing them with your audience. Your followers will love having additional content to catch up on and save for future reference. And, you’ll have a new creative outlet!
  3. Hop On Instagram Stories—Your audience isn’t going anywhere so neither should you. Get onto Instagram stories and share what everyday life is looking like at home. What books are you reading, what is your go-to playlist, what are you cooking up in the kitchen, what’s your self-care routine, where are you most excited to visit when we all begin traveling again? 
  4. Learn a New Creative Skill—With the help of platforms like SkillShare and CreativeLive, you can hunker down and focus on learning that new skill that you’ve always wanted to take on, making you more marketable to brands in the future. A win-win!
  5. Offer Save-able Content—Don’t have anything new to share on your feed? No worries! You can always repurpose old content with tips, thoughts, and guides in the caption so that your followers can save the post and return to it later.
  6. Revamp Old Blog Posts—If you already have a blog, now would be a good time to sift through your old posts…update backlinks, edit where needed, and see where you can improve. Blogs always need a refresh every now and again!
  7. Edit Those Videos—For vloggers that have a ton of video footage laying around but never enough time to compile it, you can start editing those clips into snackable IGTV and YouTube videos. Promote them on social and keep up your engagement.
  8. Launch Your TikTok—We could all use some entertainment at a time like this. TikToks are fun to make and even more fun for your followers to watch. If you haven’t branched out onto this platform, why not give it a go?
  9. Virtual Hangouts—Invite your content creator friends to hang out with you on Instagram Live. Talk to your followers, cover a variety of topics, and keep your audience engaged. 
  10. Update Your Media Kit—Prepare for when the travel bans are lifted and things go back to normal. Updating your media kit so that it’s ready to be shared and amping up your pitches for those you may want to work with in the upcoming quarters will keep you ahead of the game!

At Inside-Out Media, we’re just as passionate about content creation as we are traveling. While we love when the two go hand-in-hand, the creating doesn’t have to stop when the traveling does. We’re always here if you need some tips and tricks to keep the creativity flowing!