Influencer Marketing is social by nature but Inside-Out Media offers opportunities that go far beyond that of simple social media servicesWith no shortage of influencer-related programming online, there are also plenty of opportunities to activate influencers offline. Whether it’s a large gathering, an Insta-meet or a workshop in an intimate setting, our team knows how to create next-level offline experiences that will make just the right impact for your brand.

So, what type of offline events do we offer?

A few perks of going offline:

We work with clients to customize Instagrammable offline events and experiences that fit perfectly into the online strategy of their influencer programming. Experience-driven influencer campaigns that run both on social media and in-person are a really great way to amp up your influencer marketing campaign.  These unique experiences create real relationships between influencers and your brand—cultivating lasting authentic connections and extending your campaign far beyond one trip or brand post.