What will you create?

With events cancelling, attractions closing, and most Americans self isolating due to COVID-19, more people than ever will be going on social media to gather news, connect with friends, and find entertainment to escape. In a sea of graphs and maps, the travel industry and travel influencers have the opportunity to inspire and spread positivity in a more meaningful way than ever before. Let’s use this time to connect with people creatively and provide a much needed virtual escape. 

“When travel thrives, so does America.” – Ustravel.org

Now is a great time to get super creative – the sky’s the limit – and think about how your destination, attraction or product can be creative in attracting an audience when people aren’t traveling. Now’s the time to create those connections so that when people are traveling again, they think of you first.

Each day we will be releasing tips and tricks to get those creative juices flowing. We have ideas about reassessing your current content library, for attracting an audience on Instagram and connecting via IG Stories, how to edit your own travel videos, use sponsored ads for creating a sense of calm and community, and more.

Get ready friends, we will be your whiteboard Friday, everyday. 🙂

To get you started here are some resources: (We will keep this list updated every day.)

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