Garden of Life Campaign Highlights

Behind the campaign Garden of Life tasked us to help them grow & foster a diverse community of Ambassadors. Their goal was to promote a specific product & create new audience relationships.

"Influencers don’t just give brands unfettered access to new audiences, they provide a multi-faceted representation of a brand. Today, brands aren’t who they say they are – they’re who the consumer perceives them as. And when consumers see a reflection of themselves through real people in the brand, they feel a connection that cannot be simply manufactured. " - Kevin Wong

While Garden of Life already was working with influencers, they felt like their diverse ambassador pool was lacking authentic partnerships. They wanted to reach Women of Color who looked like them, thus making their brand more inclusive anytime you visit their website or social channels. Inside Out's diversity team focused on influencers who already used & had a passion for Garden of Life products, as well as having the exact target markets that Garden of Life was looking to connect with, ultimately creating unique, passionate ambassadors that shared content that was authentic and resonated with their respected audiences.

With a eclectic mix of diverse influencers uniquely sharing Garden of Life's product, we are able to accomplish several important goals: Increase sales, Drive stronger brand affinity & Build authentic relationships with Women of Color.




36% Sales Increase YOY
8.8M Impressions
$588K Earned Media Value

Campaign Highlights

$0.07 Cost Per Click to Product Landing Page
377K IG Story Views
36% Sales Increase YOY

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