Go RVing Campaign Highlights

Behind the campaign To Engage and Educate New Audiences on RV Travel using Interactive Content, Video & Through Social Media

Go RVing was ready to engage, educate and encourage travel in RVs to entirely new audiences. This meant fresh storytelling and angles were needed to capture these new consumers. To meet these goals, we came up with a campaign that generated content from influencers and travel experts that was then shared across travel sites including iExplore and the consumer site of Travel Mindset. The content was rich in RV excursions and tips — all focused on different adventures such as fishing, hiking and family activities as a means to reach multiple audiences and touch on a variety of passion points. Written and captured through our experts' and influencers’ unique styles, this content reached audiences in an authentic and creative way with over 66M social media impressions.




66M Total Social Media Impressions
208.5K Total Views on Blogs
14,236 Blog Shares

Campaign Highlights

12,102 Tweets
81 Facebook Posts
31 Instagram Posts
71 Pins
45 Snaps

Social Media Examples

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